Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Pretending To See The Future

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Pretending To See The Future

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Told in the first person, Pretending To See The Future is an oral history of OMD, mixing hundreds of fan anecdotes with memories from the band, their collaborators, other musicians and celebrity admirers garnered from 40 years of recording and performing.

The book contains commentary from OMD founders Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys, plus band members Martin Cooper, Malcolm Holmes and Stuart Kershaw, and is packed full of memorabilia and hundreds of photos. With many images in full colour and previously unseen pictures from the band’s own archive, this is the OMD story as it’s never been told before.

Contributors include:
Professor Brian Cox
Gary Numan
Phil Oakey
Stephen Morris
Jeremy Vine
Steve Lamacq
Richard Blade
Adam Clayton
Howard Jones
Peter Saville
Karl Bartos
John Dowie
Vince Clarke

Pretending To See The Future is the first official OMD biography since 1987’s Messages. Taking the reader on a journey from their Merseyside beginnings via debut single `Electricity’ (released on Manchester’s iconic Factory label) into the 1980s and a string of Top 40 hits that includes `Enola Gay’, `Souvenir’, `Joan of Arc’, `Locomotion’ and US smash `If You Leave’, the book also covers the band’s break up in the 1990s and their triumphant return in 2006.


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"A book arrives that offers a more comprehensive window on OMD’s 40-year history. Along the way, it pulls in commentary from band members, assorted colleagues from their past (and present), guest writers and also the fans themselves. As a result, the book is a hybrid affair that presents an oral history of the band combined with a fascinating visual archive of OMD’s extensive musical history. Interspersed between this oral history are plenty of stories from OMD fans across decades of following the band. Some of the submitted stories are quite profound and touching at times, demonstrating (often in raw detail) the power of music in people’s lives. If people are dismissive about how music can have an effect in the real world, many of the stories in this book will counter that view. The sheer weight of material contained across 470 pages will more than satisfy OMD fans. There’s also revelations and images within the book that are sure to spark debates and conversations for years to come. "
- Messages (OMD Fan Site)
"As with everything OMD this book is top quality. The print and pages are lovely and glossy and the layout makes for a very handsome book. The fans tales mixed with the bands narrative make this a really interesting read plus the hand written lyrics, studio notes and hundreds of great pictures add to what is a great read. Top marks."
- Amazon Review
"Whichever way you look at Pretending to See the Future, it is impressive. Coming in at over 450 pages long and presented in handsome hardback format to celebrate Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’s fortieth anniversary, it is an extensive but intimate history of the band from their beginnings in the late 1970s through to the present day. Even if you are an OMD aficionado, I defy you not to find something new and revealing in this fascinating collection of anecdotes and memories."
- Amazon Review
"Fantastic - at last the long awaited complete story of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - from their humble beginnings as the British Kraftwerk (although they've always been so much more than that) in the late 70's, right up to their recent thirteenth album The Punishment Of Luxury and triumphant nationwide tour with backing orchestra. Stunning never before seen full colour pictures from Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys' private collections are liberally interspersed throughout. Hard to pick one particular highlight but the fan recollections, pictures and ticket stubs will bring back long forgotten memories of better days for many. An essential five star purchase, not just for OMD fans but anyone interested in the history of British electronic music. Outstanding!"
- Amazon Review
"A real must for all OMD fans, takes you into their early years and how dedicated they were to producing such amazing records!"
- Amazon Review