The Dead Straight Guide to Led Zeppelin

The Dead Straight Guide to Led Zeppelin

One of the best-selling music artists in the history of music, Led Zeppelin carried a unique mystique cultivated by cryptic album art, distance from the press, and, of course, their music.

This Dead Straight Guide details the life and the afterlife of this extraordinary band, from the first meeting of Plant and Page and the recruitment of John Paul Jones in 1968 to the untimely death of John Bonham.

It covers all the albums, solo albums and reissues and unpicks the band’s 50 best tracks, as well as tales of Zep excess, key locations, websites, Zeppelin on screen, in print and much more.




"This does what it says on the tin. An informative introduction to Led Zeppelin. As a primer it’s got everything you need. If you’re a Zeppelin expert you probably know all this already and if you want a detailed history of every guitar tuning Jimmy used and on what tracks this isn’t for you. But I wanted a potted history of the band and this is just the job."
- Amazon Review