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Amy Winehouse: A Life Through The Lens



This incredible collection of photos, shot by Darren and Elliott Bloom between 2005 and 2011, chronicles the troubled career of a legendary singer who tragically died at the age of 27. These images capture the highs and lows of a hugely talented but flawed young woman, whose every move attracted the attention of the press.

In Amy: A Life Through The Lens all aspects of Amy Winehouse’s life are covered as she enthusiastically talks to fans, inhabits London’s clubs and pubs, and browses in neon-lit convenience stores, whilst also revealing an artist troubled by substance abuse and ill-judged relationships.

Darren and Elliott Bloom’s family knew the Winehouse family and this connection gave them a unique opportunity to work alongside Amy. As her fame grew, the Bloom brothers became Amy’s ‘official’ paparazzi in the hope of clawing back some control over the media feeding frenzy. Many of their images appeared in the acclaimed 2015 Oscar-winning documentary ‘Amy’.

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About the Authors

Darren and Elliott Bloom were London-based celebrity photographers between 2003 and 2012. They made their mark with some of the biggest front-page stories of the era before setting up their own agency, Optic Photos. The Bloom and Winehouse families enjoyed a close relationship that went back three generations. In 2009, Darren & Elliott became Amy’s personal photographers, allowing them to capture amazing images of the late singer.

Matt Trollope is an author, journalist, ghostwriter and publisher, whose other titles include ‘The Life & Lines of Brandon Block’, the Danniella Westbrook autobiography ‘Faith Hope & Clarity’ and ‘One More – A Definitive History of UK Clubbing’ (1988-2008).


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A truly wonderful photographic tribute to the talent that was Amy Winehouse. Her traigically brief career and life is beautifully documented in a book that is extremely high quality. Recommended.
I purchased 3 very different books on Amy recently - ' Back To Amy' by Charles Moriarty which covers her early years before & around 'Frank'. 'Amy Winehouse' by Blake Wood which covers the trip to St Lucia in 2009 among others - Both which are beautiful collections of photos which deserve to be seen by all. This book however is the most difficult of the 3 mainly because it shows Amy in between & at many times, at her worst. Going through this book is like witnessing a car crash 1st hand & knowing there's no survivor but being unable to look away all the same.
Darren and Elliott Bloom were friends of Amy Winehouse through their respective families. Because of this, they were often able to take the photos that other paparazzi missed, and their acquaintance with their subject meant that she was more likely to be open and relaxed in their company. The result is an outstanding collection of beautiful photographs, the majority of which even the most devoted Amy fan won't have seen before. Most are informal shots of her in and around her favourite haunts in Camden Town, with family or friends. The book is surprisingly heavy for its size, meaning that high quality glossy paper has been used. Even those who are fans of the Kindle should buy the hardback copy, although it's considerably more expensive: it's an exceptional product which you're likely to want to keep.