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Conversations With Tom Petty



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Tom Petty has long been seen as one of the great songwriters of American rock ‘n’ roll, as well as one of the key standard bearers of integrity in the music business.

Author Paul Zollo conducted a series of in-depth discussions with Tom about his career, with special focus on his songwriting. These conversations are reprinted here with little or no editorial comment and represent a unique perspective on Tom’s entire career. With rare photographs weaved throughout the text, Conversations with Tom Petty is the ultimate retrospective a true music legends.

“Insightful, breezy, and loaded with recollections from Petty’s formative years.” — Orlando Sentinel

“…the notoriously media-wary Petty responds…about his life, career, and craft with articulate and intelligent answers that even nonfans can enjoy.” — Publishers Weekly

“The Q&A format is ideal for showcasing Petty’s likable personality, and his passion for the music he creates is palpable.” — Library Journal.

Published worldwide February 13, 2020 – this book will be shipped to arrive with you on publication  date.

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Amazingly insightful conversations with Tom. Really good read. 5 Stars
-Amazon Review
I could picture the conversations actually taking place . It made me understand the grit and determination of this very driven and complex man who can produce the most amazingly poetic and yet simple songs. Tom petty is a great leader of his band and truly sees the other heartbreakers as family .Hearing the struggles they went through as a band demonstrates their commitment to the music as it's still coming out so great . I Loved it ! 5 Stars
-Amazon Review
I really love this book. "Conversations" is the key word here. It is just so conversational. I don't remember ever reading any kind of interview with Tom Petty over the 4 decades that he was famous that was this open, funny, interesting, amazing, & detailed. I just love the book. My only regret is that it is no longer available in print for anything near a reasonable price. I don't particularly like to read eBooks. But that's just me. Otherwise, I totally recommend this book to any TP fan. I'm guessing you will learn things about his private life and his songwriting/music that you never knew before. 5 Stars
-Amazon Review
If you love Tom Petty, you will love this book. It's pretty much just questions and answers, but I swear, I could her Tom answering the questions; like he was sitting next to me. I really miss knowing that he is alive and leading us all down a better path. 5 Stars
-Amazon Review