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Ian Hunter’s Diary of a Rock `n’ Roll Star, first published in 1974, is a fascinating diary of Mott the Hoople’s 1972 US tour. It has received a litany of plaudits and been described as what “may well be the best rock book ever” and “an enduring crystallization of the rock musician’s lot, and a quietly glorious period piece” from Q and The Guardian. A brutally honest chronicle of touring life in the Seventies, and a classic of the rock writing genre, Diary of a Rock `n’ Roll Star remains the gold standard for rock writing.

This edition includes new content from Hunter. Ian Hunter is the lead singer in Mott the Hoople and a successful solo artist in his own right. He continues to record and perform across the world after more than fifty years in rock’n’roll.

“It may look flashy, but it’s over and you are finished before you know it – if you aren’t already broken by one thing it will be another… the rock business is a dirty business, full stop.” Ian Hunter

208 pages

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...its mixture of insight, comedy and breathless prose makes it an enduring crystallisation of the rock musician's lot, and a quietly glorious period piece.
-The Guardian
If you have read the original its still worth getting this revamped version but if you have not read it then you are in for a real treat this is possibly the most honest book about a band on tour that has ever been written
-Amazon Review
I bought this when it first came out but loaned out my copy that I never got back. Reading this again and it still resonates and excites me. It's pretty much a warts and all account of what it's like to be in a successful band and touring. Ian Hunter is a great writer and has me hooked from pretty much the first sentence. His stories of Bowie and trying to get to meet Elvis are great. Just buy it!
-Amazon Review