Glam! When Superstars Rocked the World


£30.00 ($37.00)

Publication Date: 07.07.22

Extent: 320 pages

Format: Hardback


‘Gorgeously illustrated history. In Glam!, Paytress lovingly charts the stack-heeled ascent of this new pop, tracing the careers of big beasts David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Slade and Elton John, as well as the Chinnichap strain of hits. The narrative is stuffed with cross-cultural details… a scrapbook bulge of illustrations.’ Mojo, 4*

By Mark Paytress

Drawing on interviews with stars and musicians, producers and photographers, stylists, writers and celebrity fans, this book chronicles the glam era from its origins in 1970, through its 1972/73 heyday to its mid-seventies collapse and the death of Marc Bolan in September 1977.

Fully illustrated throughout, the book includes a wealth of visual material, be it band shots, record sleeves and pin-up posters, or the era’s best clobber, magazines and assorted memorabilia.

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