Gonna See All My Friends: A People’s History of Fairport Convention



Hardback 384 pages

Published 18 November 2022

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Gonna See All My Friends – A People’s History of Fairport Convention is a new book about the legendary British folk-rockers Fairport Convention told through the memories of over 250 fans, friends and collaborators.

Fully authorised by the band, Gonna See All My Friends tells the Fairport Convention story anew, with eyewitness accounts from their very first show through to their 2022 Wintour and Cropredy Festival appearances.

The book includes fan stories from around the world but also memories from Fairport’s friends and musicians from the folk world and wider music industry, including Ian Anderson and Doane Perry (Jethro Tull), Ralph McTell (‘Streets of London’), producer Joe Boyd, BBC broadcaster Michael Billington and folk luminaries annA rydeR, Edwina Hayes, Brendan Murphy, Kieran Goss, Fraser Nimmo, The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican, along with Huw Williams and Steve Tilston.

Fairport Convention’s Simon Nicol said:

‘All our fans have a common interest or fondness in Fairport, but every one of them has made a separate journey to get there. In reading all these individual reminiscences, fans will get a perspective they couldn’t get any other way.’

Fairport Convention’s Dave Pegg said:

‘Fairport have performed thousands of gigs over the last 55 years and we’ve touched people’s lives in more ways than we sometimes realise. It’s been fabulous to read these stories and see what our music means to people.’

Gonna See All My Friends takes its title from Fairport’s Richard Thompson-penned anthem to enduring friendship, ‘Meet on the Ledge’. With an introduction by Fairport historian Nigel Schofield, this 384 page fully illustrated book is packed with full colour photos and memorabilia and is a fan’s-eye romp through 55 years of making music, mates and mischief, the latter aided from time to time by the odd pint of beer.

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