Led Zeppelin: The Day I Was There


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Publication date: 16th June 2019.

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Richard Houghton’s sixth book in The Day I Was There series is a collection of over 500 eyewitness accounts of seeing one of the most successful, innovative, and influential rock groups in history – Led Zeppelin.

With fans recalling memories of the earliest Yardbirds and Zeppelin shows at UK and European clubs right through until the O2 Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert in 2007. With personal photographs, memorabilia, fascinating anecdotes, and fan stories that have never been published before.

Led Zeppelin has been credited with a major impact on the nature of the music business, particularly in the development of album-orientated rock and stadium rock. The biggest band of the Seventies saw each of their nine studio albums placed in the top 10 of the Billboard album chart and six reached the number-one spot.

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I’ve enjoyed reading people’s experiences at a Led Zeppelin concert. Interesting stories. 5 Stars
-Amazon Review
This book also includes several photographs of concert tickets and posters. The most amazing poster is from a concert at "Kennedy Pavilion" where the performers at the concert were VANILLA FUDGE and LED ZEPPELIN. But the poster has a strange typographical error (see, page 19). The typo is that the band's name is spelled, "LEN ZEFFLIN." Page 115 reveals, "I'll always remember one of the amps catching fire near the end of the performance." Page 111 provides a comment about one of Led Zeppelin's road crew: "Imagine my surprise when one of them [road crew] turned out to be a guy who I had played with in a fledgling band at school." Page 104 provides the memory, "A female fan made her way onto the stage and jumped up and put her arms around Robert Plant's neck." Page 90 contains the memory, "In the midst of the song, HOW MANY MORE TIMES, the band added snippets of other songs . . . and Robert Plant belted out, "Long distance information, give me Memphis, Tennessee." The crowd roared to the strains of Chuck Berry's MEMPHIS."
-Amazon Review
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