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Published April 19 2021

Softback 258 pages




Neuroscientist Dr Julia Jones aka Dr Rock is back – with the second wellness book in her health trilogy.

Neuron: Smart Wellness Made Easy is the latest volume in a series which draws attention to the shortcomings of previous diet and fitness approaches to health and the failure of all these multi-billion trends to produce healthy nations.

Dr Jones’s first book, titled ‘The Music Diet: A rock and roll guide to a healthier, longer, life” presented a range of science, demonstrating the many ways that music and sound can be used to deliver positive health effects throughout life. It encouraged readers to re-embrace music as a wellness tool within daily life, and to view it as much more than purely entertainment – which is how it had become positioned over previous decades.

The sequel revisits music and sound as a wellness tool and expands the examination by also reviewing the latest science relating to other wellness practices that can be used alongside music and sound. These include natural daylight exposure, timed eating routines, slow motion strength moves, breathing techniques and many others.

Many of these practices now fall under the term ‘biohacking’ and this new book explores an extensive range of the latest neuroscience and physiological insights in an easy-read. It also documents a 12-month experiment the author performed on her own wellness using these Smart Wellness techniques – combining basic science knowledge, simple habits, the latest tech devices and lab tests of gut health and biological ageing speed.

Dr Jones said: “Neuron explains why decades of diet and fitness trends failed to produce healthy nations, and highlights why this new and fast-growing ‘smart wellness’ movement is far more likely to finally deliver the improvements in public health that we urgently need. You’ll learn all the basic science with a daily schedule of simple habits that can provide you with a shortcut to wellness and produce transformative results.” The book also marks the launch of a Smart Wellness programme, already being delivered online by global employers, and the opening of Dr Jones’ first immersive Smart Wellness experience centre.

Julia has been studying the effects of music and sound on behaviour and wellness for 30 years. The first book helped in boosting a surge of interest in this area and became a unique music-based wellness programme run at offices of some of the largest companies in the world.

As an academic her PhD, MSc, MBA, PG Cert and BA (Hons) studies and research all examined various aspects of neuroscience and psychology. She began her professional career as a Sport & Exercise Psychologist and Physiologist in the early 1990s, working with Olympic squads.

Her post-doctoral studies continue to examine the neuroscience of mental health at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (King’s College London). As a consultant and coach she advises business leaders, elite sports, health organisations, government groups and celebrities. She sits on the Education Task Force of the UK Parliamentary Group for Artificial Intelligence. Julia has recently written innovative wellness and care strategies for the new £5bn Brent Cross Town development in London, and the NHS’ first dementia village.

The final book in the Health Trilogy, titled ‘Autotune’, published in 2022, will reveal how the latest technology, combined with biological science, will easily keep our in-built, evolutionary, biological, wellness systems ticking. It will explain how these practices and breakthroughs are going to change the way we approach wellness and healthcare forever (and possibly significantly extend our healthy lifespans beyond 100 years).

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This book has given me so many simple ideas to help improve my wellness. Dr Jones has tried all the different techniques out and found which are the most effective with the least amount of effort and/or cost. I love the mixture of natural and technical hacks (e.g. stepping outside first thing in the morning, using apps to measure your heart rate variability.) All the brain science was explained really simply without dumbing down. I’m looking forward to the third book in the health trilogy!
-Amazon 5 Stars
Very informative, interesting and easily understandable, I have already added some of the hacks to my daily routine. I would highly recommend the book.
-Amazon 5 Stars
Dr Jones is clearly a commonsensical person and knows how to reach those of us who do not swoon over lettuce, are not super active and not too eager to tie our running shoes on. Health is possible for everyone.
-Amazon 5 Stars

Dr Julia Jones

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