Pegasus Epitaph: The Story Of The Legendary Rock Group Love


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212 pages
Publication date: 10 December 2020


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This new, revised edition of a unique piece of rock literature opens up the world of California’s late sixties music to every reader – and is essential reading for any fan of Arthur Lee and Love. This new edition offers not only updates on fellow Love members, but also Author Michael Stuart Ware’s own tribute to Arthur Lee, plus further archive photos from the era not included in previous editions.

Michael Stuart Ware was alongside as Lee, at the height of his powers, reached towards unique, unforgettable sounds and created the Love masterpieces cherished by music fans for half a century – but he also saw how drugs and egos can thwart the potential of even the greatest bands.

Pegasus Epitaph sees a talented young drummer swept into the path of Arthur Lee, Love’s charismatic frontman and creative force, possessed of a restless, almost demonic energy.

As a cautionary tale of rock band politics, Pegasus Epitaph is as frank and compelling as only an eyewitness account can be, but the author also vividly portrays life away from the studio in a pivotal era in rock music: hanging out in Laurel Canyon, checking out bands and shooting the breeze in the Summer of Love.

50 years after the release of Forever Changes, this acclaimed memoir is still the only insider’s story of life in Love – one of the seminal West Coast bands of the late sixties.

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As stated in the book description, Love was a unique group of musicians who crafted an amazing sounds then crashed and burned as ego (one in particular) and drugs wreaked havoc. The fact that they made two fine albums, in addition to the eternal, shimmering classic Forever Changes, is a testimony to chemistry, creativity and perseverance. While history generally dictates that Love began and ended with one Arthur Lee, in Pegasus Epitaph Michael Stuart-Ware passes the spotlight around the various group members generously. The contributions and personalities of Johnny, Kenny, Snoopy and Tjay are taken into account and celebrated. His writing is clear, honest and humorous, and his recall is impressive. So many questions arise in the course of this book, most in the 'what if?' category. If the tension hadn't been so extreme and the circumstances so trying, the heights they soared to may never have been achieved. Michael makes an very astute observation that Love made music for future generations. That pretty much sums up their lasting appeal. This is a story full of warmth and humanity, written by a guy who was there, and not clouded by bitterness and regret. It makes for a fine, quick summer read and don't be surprised if you don't feel yourself transported back to Los Angeles circa 1966-67. Not a bad place to be!
-Amazon 5 Stars
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