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Remind Me to Smile is the autobiography of Gary Numan fan, Martin Downham. Martin’s unique brand of observational humour is packed full of references to a time when Fine Fare, Betamax, Kenny Everett and Gary Numan were all at the height of their powers. Back in the dim and distant days of 1977 Martin Downham was turning into the archetypal, stroppy, know-it-all teenager angry for no good reason, rude, insolent, indolent, bone-idle and rebellious.

A lengthy spell of destructive adolescence beckoned but life had other plans. Martin s memoir is witty, irreverent, calamitous, heart-warming and packed full of cultural and pop music-related nostalgia for the 1970s and 80s. Fans of Gary Numan will identify with Martin s story, as the British electro-pop star looms over the book as an ever present and strangely reassuring spectre.

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About the author:

Martin Downham was born in Tolworth, Surrey in sweet suburbia where, as a small child, he missed out on all the mania of the Swinging Sixties. Graduating out of High School, he started on a ragged career-path, including a stint at Guinness World Records where he met David Roberts, the managing editor of the Guinness Book of Hit Singles and Albums. Via a convoluted route, the pair later concocted a plan to publish a book of musical anecdotes about the ‘the song that changed your life’. Originally intended as an e-Book, featuring several artists, it finally saw print in October 2016 under the Hornet Books imprint as “Remind Me To Smile: The Life & Times of a Teenage Numanoid”. As you will have guessed, this focuses on Gary Numan and the impact his music had on him.

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Downham deploys a raffish take on Mike Gayle's everyman style to evocatively capture how Numan's cold, bold futurism plugged the gaping void in his alienated heart.
-Mojo Magazine
Meticulously researched. A novel which superbly evokes the late seventies and early eighties and captures in vivid detail the obsessive way we fawn over our idols until they become almost a member of our extended family.
-Classic Pop magazine
To be honest I downloaded this book for two reasons, neither of which had anything to do with a fascination with the artist GN. Firstly it looked like it was set in a time when I too was struggling through my teenage years. Secondly, it was free. My expectations were not high. Wow, right from page one I was in there. The experiences, the thoughts, the emotions, they were all so parallel to the ones that came flooding back to me as I read on, unable to put the book down. I confess it still didn't make me a TH fan but that doesn't matter. Just replace the GN fixation with whatever you were into at the time and this book will speak straight to your heart. If you are a guy, like the author and myself, born in the early 60's, then you have to read this! Now!
-Amazon 5 stars
Honest, funny, sometimes awkward, but always entertaining; Remind me to Smile takes the reader on a wonderful trip back to the 1970s and 80s with Gary Numan providing the soundtrack. Full of laugh out loud “what were you thinking!” moments, the book follows the ups and downs of the author’s life as he he makes the sometimes difficult transition from boy to man. Totally recommended, whether you’re a Gary Numan fan or not.
-Amazon 5 stars