Rush – The Day I Was There


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378 pages
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Publication date: 13 November 2020


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When Rush concluded their R40 tour in 2015, fans of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart knew extensive touring was off the agenda. But they hoped for a one off reunion gig or a festival appearance. With the untimely death of drummer Neil Peart in January 2020, those dreams were shattered. Across more than 40 years, the band that had sold over 40 million albums and played in excess of 2,400 shows around the world were no more.

With previously unseen photos and fan memorabilia, Rush – The Day I Was There brings together over 400 previously unpublished eye witness accounts to allow the reader to take a journey back in time and recapture the experience of seeing live the greatest ever power trio in rock.

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Firstly lets start by saying this is a brilliant concept. Get people who grew up with the music of a band or a genre to talk about it and transcribe it into a book, fill it with the personal lives, and memories of those fans, and their trivia, and unusual pictures. Result - a hugely interesting and fascinating read, and a peer into the lives of people who are like you that you never knew existed, or maybe you did but you had no idea how they came to love what you love. It is the kind of book that you just keep turning the pages of to find out the next fact or story, to chuckle and think "ah yes, I remember the same thing". Not only a great present to someone who already loves or even just likes RUSH, but also a valuable chronicle of the emotions from the fans perspective. Absolutely, and whole heartedly recommended to music and RUSH fans.
-Amazon 5 Stars
Being a massive Rush fan since 1976, as signified by these 2 tattoos, I have seen them live 4 times and so had the privilege of being able to get an input into this book and the contents won't let any Rush fan down. I previously had input to the Led Zeppelin 'The Day I was there book', another great addition to any library, and have another input in the forthcoming Queen - The Day I Was There and will also be purchasing that. Whether or not you have an input in these books they are all worth any fans reading as it gives info on many gigs around the world and it's good to compare experiences of the same concerts from other fans perspectives. A MUST BUY and a very positive addition to my Rush collection.
-Amazon 5 Stars
So here's another Rush book but this time from the fans experience and story's of seeing and how they became fans of Rush. Definitely recommended for Rush fans wherever you are in the world, you don't have to be a Rush fan if you just like a good read about ordinary people who love their music through out the world just giving their personal stories about a band from Canada.
-Amazon 5 Stars
An excellent book full of stories from Rush fans on their own personal experiences of seeing the band for the first time and other Rush related stories. My own Rush story is in the book also. Well done to the author Richard Houghton for putting it all together.
-Amazon 5 Stars
This is a great book for Rush fans, so many great stories of this bands legendary stage shows, at times very emotional with the recent passing of Neil Peart, and really capturing the essence of Rush fans.
-Amazon 5 Stars