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Stephen Stills is one of the last remaining music legends from the rock era without a biography. During his six-decade career, he has played with all the greats. His career sky-rocketed when Crosby, Stills & Nash played only their second gig together at Woodstock in 1969. With the addition of Neil Young, the band would go on to play the first rock stadium tour in 1974.

Stephen Stills is the only person to have been inducted twice in one night into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Author David Roberts was Managing Editor on numerous music books at Guinness World Records including British Hit Singles and Albums and Rockopedia and is now a pop music author and book packager and fiction publisher. He was consultant writer and film interviewer for the British Music Experience at London’s 02. General Editor of Rock Chronicles (Oct 2012) and he is the author of the UK and Ireland music locations guide books, Rock Atlas UK and Ireland and Rock Atlas USA.

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The Definitive Biography is such a pleasant read because it proceeds at such a breezy pace. Roberts covers Stills’ formative years in a single chapter, right to the threshold of Buffalo Springfield’s formation and he applies a similar approach to the recurring reunions with Crosby, Nash and sometimes Young. Roberts performs a crucial function in clarifying the the multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/songwriter’s musical roots including blues and the Latin influences he absorbed while living with his family in Costa Rica.
-Glide Magazine
Roberts’ book is an engrossing read and a valiant effort at stringing together all the facets of this eclectic musician’s life and music. If you’re a fan of Stills or any other artist who happened to fly into his orbit, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive biography.
-Pop Matters
At long last a book about the talented and much maligned story of one America's great singer songwriters and musicians. From the period 1966-1973 Stills was at the top of his game, during this period his recorded output was at its peak keeping his cohorts in CSN in the shade. This book touches upon some of the demons in Stills life, the usual culprits and no surprises. His ego and flare ups with Young & Nash are well documented here and elsewhere - in amongst these pages you can read and see the fall into a creative black hole that Stills has only just come out of with his excellent new band The Rides. Anyone owning the first CSN record, Stills first solo record & Manassas will want to discover what makes Stills tick. What you don;t get from this book is what a great talent Stills is, for that you need these records.
-Amazon Review
A well researched and comprehensive look at the work of one of rock's most influential figures. While David Roberts is obviously a fan, he still takes an objective and reasoned view on the fascinating life and career of Stephen Stills. Recommended not only to fans of the man but to music fans in general.
-Amazon Review
I thought I knew most things about Stephen Stills I have been a devoted fan for most of my life from the age 17 I am now 65. But I have learnt a lot from this book about him and the people he has met along the way. So if you like good music. And if you like to read about someone who has. lived it. Buy this book you will love it.
-Amazon Review
This book is well researched with a deep understanding for Stills and his music. Reading this makes you want to hear all those great songs again.
-Amazon Review