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Rick Bucklers autobiography is the first from a member of The Jam, who some considered were the ultimate Mod band. Rick tells The Jam story from growing up in Woking and meeting fellow members Paul Weller and Bruce Foxton at school, through their formation in 1972 and tells of the band’s early years before signing to Polydor records.

He provides a year by year account of The Jam’s progress whilst describing what it was like being a part of the music industry during the 70’s and 80’s and some of the characters who he met along the way including the Ramones, John Enwistle, Sid Vicious, Blondie, Boy George and Paul McCartney. Rick shares his own experiences and thoughts about what it was like to be in one of the UK’s most successful bands who spent a great deal of time recording, performing and touring.

Following The Jam’s split in 1982, Rick gives a candid account of how he coped and his subsequent relationship with Paul and Bruce. All three members of The Jam stayed within the music industry and Rick takes the reader through his years in Time UK and various other bands up until forming From the Jam.

A must read for any Jam fan.

384 pages

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About the authors:

Rick Buckler was the drummer with The Jam and is the first member of the band to write his autobiography. He is still in the music business and is now a manager of a number of musical acts. Ian Snowball began writing and compiling books in 2008 and has since been the author of many titles including biographies of The Jam, Dexys Midnight Runners, Oasis and Ocean Colour Scene. He has also co-written a number of novels.

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This was my holiday book that I was gonna spread over 2 weeks while sitting in the sun drinking beer. Well that went out of the window. I couldn't put the book down once I'd started it. Loved every word that made me laugh and cry. This is the only story about The Jam worth reading. Straight from the pen of Rick. 5 Stars
-Amazon Review
Really enjoyed the book. It gave a good insight from a different perspective as most people see Paul Weller as The Jam. Rick played a huge part in the fantastic songs and the huge sound of The Jam. I had the good fortune to see them a number of times live, the first time was In the City tour, they were amazing. To this day they remain one of the best bands ever. 5 Stars
-Amazon Review
Simply put, Rick Buckler s memoir is a must read!
-Goldmine Magazine
Honest, often unglamorous, but welcome nonetheless.
-Record Collector
This was bought as a birthday present and as yet I have not had any negative feedback. Apparently Rick Buckler and The Jam are still up there with the best.
Not a bad read. Quite brief but you can't help but like Rick and acknowledge what a key part of The Jam he truly was. I can't believe The Buttetfly Collrctor was about getting a dose though but what do I know? Rick was there and I wasn't!