The Dead Straight Guide to Velvet Underground and Lou Reed

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Velvet Underground straddled art and rock, changing popular music forever, and sowing the seeds for punk, grunge and thousands of countercultural four-chord wonders.

The Dead Straight Guide to Velvet Underground includes:

The Velvet Story: How Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, John Cale emerged from the New York scene, their successes and excesses and what happened to each in their solo years.

Velvet Music: From their 1967 debut with Nico to their 1993 reunion with all the tales behind the songs.

Velvet Universe: Everybody who was anybody in the Velvet’s world, taking in Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick, David Bowie, Delmore, Schwaretsz and Brian Eno.

Velvet Goldmine: The “Underground” on screen, the Velvets’ New York, clubs, influences, covers, websites and more.

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Peter Hogan's updated and revised book about the Velvets aims to cover all the bases about the band, the solo albums, the supporting players and just about everything else regarding their legacy. Part biography, part in-depth listing, the book will appeal to those unfamiliar with their canon as well as diehards who have yet to uncover lost gems within the vast amount of work produced by Reed and Cale. The biographical sections contextualize very well, while the reviews are certainly critical when required - this is no hagiography, but does remind the reader of just how crucial this band was, and indeed is. As worthwhile and comprehensive, if not thorough a primer as one could ask for, the book certainly got this old fan back to listening to and even reappraising their music. An excellent read.
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