The Who: I Was There




The second in a series by author Richard Houghton, I Was There provides a fan’s-eye account of the English rock band The Who.

With over 400 fan accounts of their memories of seeing one of the greatest live acts ever, fascinating anecdotes, stories, photographs and memorabilia that have never been published before.

From their early years as The High Numbers, playing venues in and around London to the full-blown tours with the classic Who line-up of Daltrey, Townshend, Entwistle and Moon promoting their landmark albums such as Tommy, Quadrophenia and Who’s Next and beyond.

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I Was There is simply a massive collection of eye-witness accounts of Who concerts, from a few who saw them as The Detours in 1964, all the way through the glory years to a show in March of this year, 445 fun-packed pages of show reports, many recalling personal stories about getting to and from the gig, the massive thrill of it all, and most are illustrated with pictures of these fans whose reminiscences Richard Houghton has lovingly assembled for his book.
-Just Back Dated
Truly a great read and indispensable if you are a Who fan. Reading the book brought back many memories from my younger days. Also I have learned a lot about the band and the various gigs that they played at. Congratulations to Richard Houghton, a labour of love.
-Amazon Review
Having seen the Who at Hyde park and the Isle of Wight I can relate to some of the Fantastic memories shared in this book. From Roger Daltrey swinging his microphone around, to Pete Townsend windmill arm playing the guitar. One story before the band became the Who, some great pictures very worthwhile if you are a fan of the Who as some very interesting facts related by fans. One of the overriding themes in the book is how loud they are, and yes they are. Great addition to any music fans collection.
-Amazon Review
A great gift for fans of The Who. I never got to see them live but this book made me feel the excitement and emotions that must have accompanied their live performances. The book is written in short vignettes so it is easy and fun to dip in and out of. It's also as much a portrait of the fans, and of a time gone by, as it is of the band themselves. Highly recommended.
-Amazon Review
An excellent record of memories, capturing the excitement and spirit of the day. Evocative, previously unpublished material telling very personal stories of people’s connections with this great band. A must for fans of The Who or any music historian. An enjoyable read and worth recommending.
-Amazon Review
This is a great account of the early days and collects stories from those who were there. No doubt this l book will bring back great memories for a lot of people who were there back in the day. Good format easy to read and a book which you can dip in and out of all the time.
-Amazon Review