This Day In Music


The second edition of This Day In Music brings together all the significant events in the history of rock and pop music in one giant volume. Here are the facts, the figures, the dates, the times and the places, and most of all the stars that made rock and pop the most vibrant art form of the 20th and 21st centuries.

From Elvis to Lady Ga Ga, from rock and roll to rap, from 6.5 Special to X Factor, from Abba to ZZ Top and from New Year s Day to New Year s Eve, here is all the information you need to know, set out chronologically so you can look up those dates that interest you or simply pore through the year, month by month, day by day.



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Priceless for those with a hunger for facts, Cossar's certainly come up with the goods.
-Record Collector
This is an excellent item! ideal for people who are generally interested in music or music quizzes as theres loadsa excellent trivia and facts that you will not know. fabulous book as a gift or a treat for yourself -- defo recommend this to anyone with an interest in this area!
-Amazon Review
An absolute wonder!! Neil's work here is unsurpassed. On a day to day basis it gives me a point of reference for my blogs
-Amazon Review
This day in music 2nd edition is just as jam-packed with all new music trivia, facts, and fun figures, ranging from pop princess kylie to the rolling stones! It is a must have for every music lovers book shelf, an easy, fun, light-hearted read which you wont want to put down!
-Amazon Review
This Day In Music does exactly what it says on the tin. Five years after the first book was published, this updated and expanded edition (this time in Hardback) features a day-by-day account of all things music, covering over 100 years of births, and seven decades of every significant, good, bad, and ugly event that has happened in music worldwide since the 1940s. From the first comprehensive Billboard Chart in 1940 to the awarding of OBE's to Status Quo on New Year's Eve 2009, this book covers the lot including recent events like the death of Michael Jackson and Rage Against The Machines' Christmas No. 1 last December. Each of the 366 days is jam packed with trivia, from gig performances to deaths, to the sale of music memorabilia; it's all here, presented in chronological order that makes it so easy to reference. As well as each date covered, this edition goes a step further and has some interesting trivia at the back of the book in the Access All Areas' section. The Did You Know section will tell you how many Grammy nominations Quincy Jones received, how much Elton John spent on flowers in a 20-month period, or what no. 1 artist carried the Queen Mother's coffin.
-Amazon Review