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The Clash were arguably the most influential and inspirational UK punk rock band, incorporating elements of reggae, dub, funk, ska, rockabilly … you name it. But they were about so much more.

This Day in Music’s Guide to The Clash details their rise from roots in bands such as the 101’ers to their memorable emergence, 1977’s startling eponymous LP breaking them and double-album London Calling seeing that decade out in style, their place in music history already secured, putting them on the road to global success before the spark that ignited them ultimately burned them out.

This ultimate companion to the band appraises and examines not only the studio output, but examines how they broke America, the many tours and interviews, and sheds light on how they fell apart at the height of success.

This Day in Music’s Guide to The Clash also details the individual members’ stories, examining post-split careers and the heartbreak surrounding front-man Joe Strummer’s early death, profiling other key personnel involved with a group celebrated for their political stance, rebellious outlook and influential experimentation as much as their music, their legacy intact long after the classic line-up – Strummer, Jones, Simonon, Headon – last shared a stage.

About the author:

Malcolm Wyatt is a freelance writer who jealously guards his own corner of web hyperspace, featuring interviews, reviews and rants involving big names from across the world of music, comedy, literature, film, TV, the arts, and sport. Have a look:


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The book is a very neat, accurate assessment of one of the most influential bands ever – to be fair I don’t think its aimed at obsessives, its aimed at existing Clash/punk fans or anyone with even a passing interest in rock ‘n’ roll, and a whole generation of record buyers who are only now discovering the Clash, a band who’s full story can be found in this neat book; as such its certainly worthy of a place in any music fans library.
-Louder Than War
If you like the Clash, you’ll love this! So well written and a fantastic read.
-Amazon Review
A great read. Meticulously researched - I thought I knew a lot about The Clash until I read this.
-Amazon Review
I'd say if you were just discovering the band its as good a place to start as any, as I'm sure it will start you off on a great voyage of discovery.
-Amazon Review
Highly recommended for Clash fans everywhere.
-Amazon Review
Malcolm Wyatt's book on The Clash is a well written and entertaining reference work on one of the most influential bands of the last century.
-Amazon Review